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    You are traveling or working in Hanoi, you need a motorbike and you are looking for a shop to rent a motorbike in Hanoi vietnam. Motorbikes Renting And Service – The Real Scooter Mechanics you can find
    If you are in Hanoi, you need to rent or hire a motorcycle – motorbike – scooter or a moped for your getting around, it is our rental service that you should consider.
    Located in area Hoan Kiem district , center Hanoi, our service has been in business since the very first days in 1998. It is, by our customers, said to be the best dealer in town. Since, we have always been offering the most reliable motorbikes at a very reasonable price. Moreover, what our customers can also rely on is the great free service which includes home delivering, monthly maintenance, service by request at anytime and any place for our customers’ convenience.
    So, if you need a motorbike to move around in the city, for at least a week of course (cause we don’t have time for day-by-day rentals), this is your best choice.
    Better rates for monthly rental.
    Bikes are always especially adjusted for best fuel saving and smooth operation.

    In Hanoi there are many motorbike rental shop. To conserve costs than the taxi we recommend you rent a motorbike for personal transportation. Rental shop our motorbike that provides ordinary motorbikes and vehicles and motor scooters with some affordable and motorcycle rental procedure is simple and fast.
    You should rent scooters or rent motorbike? We recommend choosing a scooter traffic jam because the scooters to help you move easier motorbike. But if you ride a motorcycle you can rent good motor to save petrol and rental price so cheap. Reference rent motorbike in Hanoi.

    Price motorbikes rental ( type: semi-automatic) :
    • Motorbike rent by day: price from 70,000 VND to 120,000 VND for one day
    • Motorbike rent by week: price about 500,000 for a week
    • Motorbike rent Monthly : price from VND 800,000 to VND 1,000,000 per month (depending on the type of motorbikes)
    motorbikes rental in hanoi vietnam

    Price scooter rental ( type: full automatic) :
    • Scooter rent by day: from 100,000 VND to 150,000 VND for one day
    • Sooterrent by Week: prices from 500,000 to 800,000 VND for one week
    • Rent scooters: from 1,000,000 to 1,300,000 VND per month (depending on the type scooters)
    motorbikes rental in hanoi vietnam

    How rent motorbikes in hanoi vietnam what do I need from you when you rent motorbike?
    • You deposit: ID or photo passport ( maybe i take picture your passport)
    • Please prepayment motorcycle rental amounts.
    • Note: Motorcycle rental procedures will be simpler when you agreed to store our motorcycle rental.
    Hepl and service motorbikes
    • If you rent motorbike from me, you have warranty from me when the motorbike does not work within 15km Hanoi , you phone me i will come meet you then hepl you when the engine not wtork ( but only in h noi you have warranty within 15km, out side hanoi i dont hepl you).
    • i will come to see you around area hanoi city and give you other motorbike if motorbike does not work (no have warranty tyre flat) .
    • Every months you come to change new oil and check motorbike for free.
    If you are traveling to or working in Hanoi, you need the motor to make personal transportation. We specialize in providing rental motorbike in hanoi.
    Address: 112 Nguyen Van Cu Street, Long Bien District, Hanoi.
    Address: 24D Ta hien street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. (Store business hours 8.30am to 5.45pm).
    Hotline: 0942467674 (tú)
    Website: www.motorbikeshanoi.com

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